Grad School Diaries: The Struggle Was Real!


I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I updated this blog. Time flies.

What a year! I can admit that this year absolutely kicked my butt – I was the girl who was working full time and in Grad School part-time, all while trying to have a social life and failing miserably most times but as they say, good things take time right?

I am finally at the tail end of my current Grad School program and seriously considering beginning another.


My Grad School Journey (craziest 4 years of my life) has inspired me to start a section on this website called ‘Grad School Diaries’ – where I’ll post my experience as well as interviews with other Grad students. I hope that these blogs and vlogs will serve as an inspiration for those who are going through the higher education process and feeling lonely, lost and asking themselves whether it’s all really worth it.

I’m glad to be back.



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